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 Trusted Mød?

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PostSubject: Trusted Mød?   Trusted Mød? EmptyFri May 02, 2008 1:43 pm

Hey, there. My name is StyLor and I would like to be a trusted Mod here on this Project. I've already hosted 2 Tourneys in the Past. 1 RR and 1 Elite. Today there's gonna be a Tourney, too. You can be there at 20 GMT in #PartyTime. Nevermind, back to topic. I'm fair about the pairs, and I don't lose the control. I also give 2nd chances, that means.. If someone comes 2-3 Minutes too late, I forgive him. My limit is at 5 minutes tho. xD Hm, if you want to know more about me
or have any questions just post.
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Trusted Mød?
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